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Class of ’58, I received 10 emails and two phone calls in response to my pleas.

Bart Bolton and wife have become great-grandparents.  He is now on Longboat Key in Florida where he expects to get together with Ed Kershner.

Pirkko and Burr Edwards just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary.  He realized he should provide his bride with a timepiece.  He wonders if a plastic egg timer will do.

Dave Hild mentions a bad hip, dropped foot, and spinal stenosis, but says he is in great shape otherwise. He and Alyce enjoy gardening, seeing grandchildren, and trips to NYC and Nantucket.

Tony Codding was beginning to spread his wings (restaurants and concerts), then omicron appeared.  He plans a reunion lunch with Bill Clark this summer in Maine.

Betsy and Dick Tompkins are active and well in Vero Beach, Florida. He is on the board of governors of his club.

Despite the pandemic, Tom Mosher and family had a fun week in Maui and another week in Nashville.  He did survive a mild encounter with COVID.

Reporting from Kennebunk, Maine, is Bob Wuerthner.  He and Joan are fine. His big activity was a Friday trip to Portland to play tennis.  He had to end his email to stoke the woodstove.

I am in frequent contact with Dick Goldman.  Since the passing of his wife Patty in  January 2021, he remains very busy.  He is active in the Boston Bar Association and the American Bar Association.  He is wintering in Key Biscayne, Florida, where he plays golf and tennis. His tennis partner is 54 years old!  And he is proud of the accomplishments of the Wesleyan Lawyers Association, which has started 14 networking groups in different cities.

Janice and Tom Burns have been living in the same house in northern Virginia since 1975.  He and Janice gave up overseas trips the last two years.  They did visit the Maine Coast.  Tom exchanges emails with Don Fuhrmann.

Hard to believe: Ezra Amsterdam retired as distinguished professor of medicine on July 1, 2021. No rocking chair for this guy! He will continue writing, teaching at various levels at the med school, and participate in various scholarly activities with major cardiology organizations. He still roots for the Yankees.

Kay and I have kept a low profile during the pandemic: I still play golf, but ride alone; my bridge is totally online; and I do eat out a couple of times per week.

Keep the news flowing. Stay safe.

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