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Once again, sincere thanks to Julie for her holiday note informing me of Drew Clemens’s apparent health problem brought on by a small stroke, and the complications requiring repeated rehabilitation. As she writes, there was frustration and distress after a week’s hospital stay, but days in rehab now make it possible to “see the light ahead,” as long as his electrolytes are kept in balance! I know I speak for all of us in wishing Drew a complete recovery and thanking a loving wife for her care and devotion!

John Ineson moved this summer from Williamsburg Landing to Kendal on Hudson in Sleepy Hollow, New York, and states emphatically that there is such a place!  It’s about a 45-minute ride for family to come and visit from NYC.  He says he is spending time getting acquainted with new doctors, who he believes are glad to accept someone of our age. He did send me his new address and I’d be glad to share it with anyone interested.

Marianne and I continue to enjoy the warmth of Florida, especially at this time of the year. My biking continues and I am somewhat amazed that I was able to record 4,989 miles pedaled during 2021. The activity and socialization with wonderful friends really keep me going, even if our speeds and distances have decreased. I remain the “senior” rider in our group and really wonder how long I can retain that title!

Let the New Year be filled with good health and happiness for you and your loved ones!


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