CLASS OF 1953 | 2020 | ISSUE 3

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Even before the pandemic, the concern of our 90s and soon-to-be 90s should have been our health and safety. We are kept going with many doctor appointments, but DIY projects require thoughtful decisions: i.e., if it is too high, do not call for a ladder, request assistance; if it is too heavy, call for help. DIY projects can be hazardous.

Restrictions on travel have caused Jerry Patrick to postpone a trip to Tahiti for sailing, meanwhile passing time building ship models including a 5th century BC Greek trireme with 186 hand-carved oars, and a New Bedford whaleboat about 1880.

Daily walks and time with Netflix take a portion of Walt Cutler’s time in Washington, D.C., along with Zoom conversations with two granddaughters now freshmen at Wesleyan. Reading Wesleyan history in the last issue reminded him when he hosted a broadcast of 1920s–1930s Dixieland jazz recordings from his collection of 78s, but nothing better than the High Street Five.

For the first time in 18 years I spent the summer in Oklahoma rather than at my New York farm, because of COVID-19 and a knee replacement four months ago. Fortunately, it was cooler than usual.

For those who did not receive my email requesting news, let me know how you are creatively spending time or if you recently have moved, your new location or how you celebrated your 90th.

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