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We were very sorry to hear of the passing of Edward J. Huth on November 2, 2021, at the age of 98. His wife Carol wrote to us to say, “Ed always spoke very highly of his years at Wesleyan. He was particularly influenced by Fred Millet who thought highly of Ed’s writing ability, using him to copy read a book he was publishing. Millet also included one of Ed’s papers in his Christmas greeting. Wilbur Snow was another teacher Ed remembered with gratitude.” Our most sincere condolences to Carol and their family.

My birth came in July 1922, so 2021 was my 100th Christmas and still no pony. That sobering thought set me thinking about “time’s wingèd chariot.” There was a time when the focus in the high school classroom was on teaching the fundamentals—reading, history, English composition—and setting an example of what it meant to be a good student and decent human being. During the early 1950s, Bill Cunningham ’47 and I were teaching at Chicago Latin and were eager to send good young men to Wesleyan. With the help of Don Eldredge ’31 and Jim Wood 1915, we first persuaded David Noble ’56, followed by Jack Dearinger ’57, Bill Wallace ’57, and Norm Wissing ’57, to attend Wesleyan. Over the past dozen years, Dave and I have corresponded occasionally, and currently Jack and I are in contact. Sad to say, Norm has died, and of Bill, I have known nothing since he entered Wesleyan. They were good students and good men. In 1986 the University of Chicago named me Outstanding Secondary School Teacher. You four taught me how to become that teacher. Thank you. I miss the classroom.

Slán go fóill.


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