Class of 1947 | 2014 | Issue 1

Bill Smallwood has done it again!! And I thank him again and hope other classmates send in their thoughts and memories. Let’s share some ideas with each another. All e-mails and letters will be used. Let’s challenge Bill!!!

Ex-POW Picnic: Plymouth, Vermont

Each summer we gather at Plymouth State Park

midst clusters of birches in paper white bark

The distance some travel in crossing the state

feels shorter just knowing there’s much to relate.

The women chat freely on domestic things

of gardens and grandkids and what new life brings.

Then on rustic tables they generously spread

green salads and baked beans with juicy brown bread.

Old soldiers assembled still picture their foe

as memories swing over to days long ago

when duty demanded at terrible cost

the battle, then capture, with all freedom lost.

Abruptly our leader bids all of us know

how illness has laid two comrades down low

And further sad tidings list one comely wife

departed, while seeming so full of life.

The schedule we’ll follow includes a parade

to mark when our country’s freedom was made.

We’ll march in a body on Fourth of July

as National Guard fighters do their fly-by.

With eating now over some make for home base,

while those living closest help clean up the place.

Now, future campers, a word of advice

from well meaning oldsters who paid a full price:

The wisdom which aging can sometimes bestow

prompts veterans of combat to share what they know. 

Strong vigil for country’s a must at all times

to counter war’s outbreak and terrorist crimes.

—Bill Smallwood

Sandy Mclean
2270 Melville drive, san marino, ca 91108

Class of 1945 | 2014 | Issue 1

Since my previous column was written, my Longmont was flooded beyond imagination in September. Scientists designated the catastrophe “a 500-year phenomenon.” Whatever the label, the city was split in half as, after three days of downpours, the St. Vrain River and filler-creeks changed courses and flooded vast areas of Colorado’s northern plains. As I write on this early November day, the news is that the road to Lyons and Estes Park (not many miles west of Longmont) has opened. Hundreds of homes are ruined, millions of dollars worth of possessions destroyed, and several lives lost by drowning. Recovery began immediately and is inspiring. I am seeing human and humane behavior at their best.

In early October, the Latin School of Chicago celebrated its 125th anniversary and I was invited to participate as a Grand Marshal in the parade around Lincoln Park. Reunion dinners were held, cocktail parties were enjoyed, seminars were presented, and I was greeted and feted by many of my former students (now retired!) from my 1948–1957 tenure. Among them was Jack Dearinger ’57, who, with Bill Wallace ’57, Norm Wissing ’57, and Dave Noble ’56, had entered Wesleyan from the Latin School. The weekend was great fun, and I was honored to be remembered as a fine teacher who made a difference to some of his students.

Now winter is nigh: several ski resorts in the high country where the Rockies are already resplendent opened in late October. I have nothing more of note to include in this brief report, and so wish you all a heartfelt slán go fóill.

925 Hover St., Apt. 1L 106,
Longmont, CO 80501.

Class of 1944 | 2014 | Issue 1

If you would like to write the 1944 notes, or if you have class news to share, please contact Cynthia Rockwell at 860/685-3705 or

Class of 1943 | 2014 | Issue 1

Unfortunately, we have lost two more of our classmates: Ed Barker died Sept. 11, 2011; and Al Pels died June 28, 2013. Ed was 89 and a member of Sigma Nu, while Al was 91 and a member of Beta Theta Pi. They will be missed and our thoughts and prayers are with their families at this time.

In this regard, I received a printout from Robert Mosca, Wesleyan senior development officer, dated July 31, 2013. It shows that of the 214 original 1943 classmates, 151 (71 percent) are deceased and 63 (29 percent) are still living. So good wishes to all of you and stay healthy! Due mainly to the fact that we were a wartime class, it also shows that 160 (75 percent) received Wesleyan degrees while 54 did not—most of these having earned degrees from other institutions.

Gene Loveland writes: “Nothing new since the spring letter and picture of the family reunion of 41 strong. Still writing my two-page column for the House Organ, and managing our four putting tournaments plus the twilight league. And mostly getting older by the minute with Joan keeping pace. Have a good year!”

From Dick Ferguson: “Wish there were more Wesmen around here—just Bob Foster ’47. We feel lucky to have our great-grandchildren around for so long. Gordy is in Hawaii. Kim is in Philadelphia and Rhode Island. They visit back and forth. Doug is in New York City. Best of all to you and yours!”

Muzz Molina writes: “I still remember the first day in school—Sept. 1, 1939. Hitler had just invaded Poland. Churchill was getting ready to make a speech—and Norm Daniels was getting ready to coach the ends at Wesleyan—which was about to have a great season (Little Three Champs)!”

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