CLASS OF 1986 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

Daniel Seltzer writes: “Survived the pandemic (so far) hunkered down on the Upper West Side. The last of our kids moved out last year and my wife Hillary and I are loving the empty nest effect. In 2019 I started a digital product development company (, which was already a remote, distributed team, and saw huge demand in health tech during the past year. We built a digital health passport (CommonPass) that’s gotten a lot of coverage and did other projects in education and finance. I stayed in touch with Daniel Sullivan, Giles Richter ’87, John Ephron, Peter Durwood, Laura Harrington, and David Hamburger.”

     Suzanne Bidwell says: “My big update for the newsletter is that my son, Sam Bidwell ’21, graduated from Wes this year. Like our graduation 35 years ago, it was in the 90s without a cloud in the sky. However, remembering the weather in ’86, I knew enough to recommend a golf umbrella for him so he wouldn’t cook as I did back then. With the socially distant graduation seating, it was no problem and quite easy for me to find him in the crowd too! I look forward to attending future reunions with him sharing my reunion year.”

     Steve Cadigan writes: “I just published a book on the future of work titled Workquake: Embracing the Aftershocks of COVID-19 to Create a Better Model of Working. I am definitely biased but I think it’s a great read for anyone working today or anyone contemplating working— such as our class members who still have kids in school. I can also say that I have had regular monthly Zoom calls during COVID with Gus Conroy, also of our class; he is now based in Houston and doing great.”

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