CLASS OF 1959 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

George Will, the Washington Post columnist, on “What my 80 years have taught me”:

“’There is,’” as George Santayana said, “’no cure for birth and death, save to enjoy the interval.’” So as they approach the end of their intervals, 80-year-old martini drinkers—plucky octogenarians not intimidated by their busybody physicians—should expand their repertoire to include a couple of Manhattans!”

Jim Brands writes that he is looking forward to getting his old Delt brothers together for the wedding of his granddaughter early next year: brother-in-law Tom Buckovich ’61, brothers Paul ’64 and Harold ’65, and spouses.

Dick Cadigan’s son Steve ’86 has written a new book to be published in August on the new work world for employees and employers, timely as ever. Well done, Steve!

Bob Chase sends the following great update: “As our numbers thin down, I find myself more and more reflecting on those special years we had together. I expect I am not alone in counting many of our classmates at the top of my list of ‘special friends.’  Joanie and I moved several years ago to a senior living home in Springfield, Va.  It was probably a good decision, but I never realized there were so many old people, and people who, with cheer, gracefully and bravely faced the indignities of aging. Joanie has had some growing neurological/speaking issues as well as compounding of her long-standing bad back, but retains her cheerful demeanor and love of life. I am somewhat better off, but have not escaped the common loss of some facilities!

“I keep my golf clubs at the ready, but it is remarkable what excuses I can find for delaying getting them out. We are still planning to visit our beloved house in Boothbay Harbor, Me., but will fly up there to overlap with our kids. Unfortunately we will miss our regular mini-reunion with classmates Alan Brooks, Dick Cadigan, Charles McHugh, and Joe Mallory because of scheduling.

“Still counting on seeing as many of you as possible at our 65th!!”

Tim and Sandi Day are staying cool in La Jolla, enjoying the ocean breeze and watching surfers glide through the waves.  Tim says it is peaceful, but now that they have had their water fix, they will be off to Jackson Hole and the Tetons. They have an addition to the family in Lucy, a very cute 2-year-old pug.

“My days are filled with repetitive tasks—some family office work, bible study (GO Tim), lots of physical exercise. We dine out most nights at a group of favorite places, almost home cooking, with Lucy sitting quietly in her baby carriage with us.

We plan to go to Israel this October, with any luck, and then maybe back to New York.”

Dave and Mary Eklund are back in travel mode, having spent a month in Nantucket. They have had a house there for more than 50 years, which they have finally decided to sell. They and the children will miss it terribly, but the combination of a long commute from California and long-distance maintenance became more and more of a chore.

Owen Tabor has been hiding out from COVID in Charlottesville, but will be returning to Memphis shortly.  His 13 grandchildren must be a class record, or near it! All are in college, but none are at Wesleyan. The Tabors will be busy for quite a few graduations to come! Owen referred to Wesleyan as a “treasure,” a view many of us share.

Back to George Will:

“To be 80+ years old in this Republic is to have lived through almost one third of its life. Pretty amazing in itself! And to have seen so many ephemeral excitements come and go that one knows how few events are memorable beyond their day. (Try to remember what had you in a complete lather during Bush One’s administration). This makes our finishing sprint as 80+ years old especially fun, because it can be focused on this fact: To live a long life braided with the life of a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to an imperishable proposition is simply delightful.”