CLASS OF 1958 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

Class of ’58, my email produced many responses.

On June 9, Burr and Pirkko Edwards celebrated a major step in the COVID deconfinement schedule for France by taking the TVG to Paris. They were able to go to restaurants, and on the return trip, the bar car was open. In Paris they visited Reid Hall, where various academic and cultural programs are held, sponsored by Columbia University.

Dick Goldman wrote to thank me, my wife Kay, Art Levine, John Watson, and Wayne Fillback for their friendship and support at this difficult time (Dick’s wife Patti died several months ago). He and his daughter planned to visit his son in Vermont and celebrate Father’s Day. Dick is very enthusiastic about the Wesleyan Lawyers Association, which has expanded to many cities. And soon he will speak on networking for lawyers by Zoom. It will be a follow-up to an article he wrote for the American Bar Association Journal a few years ago.

Bill Richards relates that his wife and he were vaccinated and went to his granddaughter Riley‘s ’21 graduation at Wesleyan. His great-grandfather’s brother graduated from Wes in 1870, so the family has graduates in three centuries.

According to Art Geltzer, New England is returning to normal behavior. They have opened up their Provincetown house and invite ’58 Wesmen to visit. Art heard from Dennis Allee who resides in Truro, Massachusetts.

Kay and Bob Terkhorn recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at the Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs.

John Corkran has sharpened his domestic skills while wife Toni recovers from a fall. Daughter Carol ’85 works a crisis hotline for income and farms for fun. Susan, BSN, URI, and RN, manages a team of nurses. Tim ’90 will teach in the Lexington, Kentucky, school system.

Despite being homebound Roger Turkington just finished New and Collected Poems, a collection of 500 poems and published by Dorrance Publishing, Pittsburgh.

Art Levine reminds me I am much older than he. My birthday is June 12, his is July 6.

Soon Jack Wright will self-publish the book he has been working on for 10 years. This one uses neurobiology to consider personal change. It is Breakthrough: Now You Can Change, Find More Happiness. Jack would welcome a Zoom meeting of our class.

Dan Woodhead reports that not much is new. Son Jeff gives great support with food deliveries and laundry service.

Tom Mosher is in La Jolla, California, and believes it is finally opening up. Most seniors are vaccinated. Four of his seven grandchildren are in college. He hopes for family reunions in Maui and Nashville.

Amusing note from Neil Henry. He is still looking forward to his 84th birthday. Liz and he are vaccinated and Liz volunteers at a vaccine clinic. Big news: barstools just came back so that Neil will not have to phone ahead for a reservation and then sit on the sidewalk.

Dick and Betsy Tompkins were in Minnesota for the summer. He also took his annual fly- fishing trip. And he hoped his trip to Ireland in August would not be cancelled by COVID.

After two nonconsecutive terms and two interim terms as condo association president Tony Codding has taken the secretary’s slot. In the summer he does paddleboarding and boating.

Our hardest worker is cutting back. Ezra Amsterdam will retire and come back at 43%. His 15th book, Manual of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology, was just published.  He is still involved with teaching, research, and noninvasive cardiac imaging.

Kay and I are well, for our advanced ages. In fact, I have begun a valedictory run. No Rolexes or Rolls Royces, but no Top Flight golf balls, no house wine and no coach airline flights. Hope we can put the Zoom meeting together.