CLASS OF 1957 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

This from Sam Bergner: In usually quiet Metuchen, New Jersey, the Bergner household entertained a visit from Bill Fullarton earlier in the year. With some family business to attend to, Bill drove in from Dublin, Ohio­—some 14 hours straight and staying awake through lunch, then arriving “fit as a fiddle” according to Sam. Turns out that Bill’s granddaughter and Sam’s grandson, one a current and the other a future student at Trinity, are Instagram friends. Seems that Bill and the Bergners are still studying, i.e., courses and lectures online. Sam adds, “If only we could remember the material the following week.”

On the move finds John Allison. I had a conversation with John a few months back wherein he told me he was destined for Virginia to be close to family. When I mentioned that this would help him to escape winter, he said, “Not so much, actually, it is (west) Virginia, not to be confused with West Virginia but still mountainous terrain and can get snow.” When John has a new address, it will be reported in the next column.

Heads up ’57, 2022 is a reunion year!

Editor’s note: We are sincerely sorry to report the passing of Art Typermass on October 4, 2021. This was his last update for Class Notes. We extend our sincere condolences to his family and classmates.