CLASS OF 1954 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

Hello, classmates! Not many entries for this edition. Hopefully more of you will be able to reply in the future.

Dave Walden says that he has been enjoying his 24 years of retirement. He writes, “Carol and I remain well—no problem (yet?) with COVID. University is on virtual classes, but hopes to return to “normal” soon. Difficult for laboratory classes. We have two grandsons in engineering faculty at Western, and we have not been able to see them! Best wishes to all!”

Bud Johnson enjoyed the last class reports from John Binswanger and Terry Hatter. He now writes, “Lynn and I just enjoyed three grandkids’ graduations via Zoom. Notre Dame’s two speakers set high marks for reality and hopefulness. It might be interesting to pull out our ’54 Commencement Address and print just two or three primary points for reflection. Remember, I was headed to Naval Pilot training a month later. I wonder what I have forgotten!”

Your scribe, Bob Carey, and his wife Libby have been weathering the COVID storm like so many of our classmates. Hunkering down and using Zoom to connect with family and friends. Who had ever heard of Zoom before?

We watched six graduations last spring (four college and two high school) on Zoom—or in one case, by telecom link. Secretly, we said to each other, “This is a pretty efficient way to witness a graduation: front row seats, no travel and no getting up at 6 a.m. to sit in the hot sun for four hours in stadium seats!” All kidding aside, it is wonderful now to be able to give hugs again. I hope you all are well and are getting back to normal, as we are.