CLASS OF 1952 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

I am saddened to report the passing of our classmate George N. Morris, and Joyce Buckingham, the wife of our former scribe, Hal Buckingham. George’s wife Ann wrote that he died on January 20, 2021, from heart failure. He is survived by his wife, three children, four grandchildren, and one great-grandson. He was a world traveler, having visited all seven continents, and he crossed the Antarctic and Arctic Circles numerous times. Following graduation, he served in the US Army, graduated from Harvard Business School, and had a long career in finance in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

Joyce died on June 25, 2021, after a short illness. Hal began dating Joyce in her Oneonta, New York, hometown when she was a junior in high school and he was a freshman at Wesleyan. She was a regular at house parties and other weekend events while a student at Mount Holyoke. Those of us attending class reunions will recall that Joyce was always there at Hal’s side.

Harry Collings writes that he is still on this side of the ground at 91, living in a Del Webb Sun City in Lincoln, California, about 30 miles east of Sacramento. He lost his wife Peg seven years ago after 65 years of wonderful marriage and misses her every minute of every day. Playing bridge keeps him occupied, as does his two children, four grandchildren, and six great-grandkids. He worked 36 years for the DuPont Company. He reminds us that his dad was buildings and grounds superintendent at Wesleyan from the 30s to 50s and put in the original steam power plant, which has now probably been replaced. He sends his best wishes to all of us left from the class of ’52.

Zdenek V. David is still with the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., as a senior scholar. His publications in 2019–20 included a book, eight articles, and a translation. See Amazon for a complete list.

Alan Ward says hello to our classmates and writes that he missed his grandson’s graduation this year after attending three family graduations and quite a few others, once after a Middletown flood blocked almost all access to Wesleyan. He is not sure about our 70th Reunion, maybe, but it looks like his lifelong ties to Wesleyan—graduate, parent, grandparent, alumni association, trustee, counsel for the antitrust investigation, and 70 years as a Deke—are drawing to a close. He offered his grateful thanks to Vic, Colin, Arthur Vanderbilt, Millet, Snow, Woodbridge, Banks, and so many others.

Jack Murray reports that last fall he finally discovered his whole father’s side of his background. He disappeared shortly after Jack was born in 1930, a Depression story. The discovery was through a new-fangled service called He discovered that he has two living (half) sisters and a late brother who went by his same name. Since his mother was seventh of eight children and his father eighth of nine, you can imagine the cousin and niece and nephew glut. Nice thing to find out in your nineties.

Finally, I am happy to report that my granddaughter, Eliza Bender ’24, child of Samuel Bender and Ellen Friedman Bender, both class of ’82, finished a very successful first year at Wesleyan. Her sister, Madeline, graduated Yale School of Public Health and is writing articles for Scientific American as an intern, among other publications. I celebrated my 65th anniversary with Barbara in August as well as number 90 in September. I wish all in our class the best and ask that they send me news about themselves and their families.