CLASS OF 2017 | 2020 | ISSUE 3

Rachel Kaly starred in the season finale of HBO’s High Maintenance, is learning how to make rugs, and has been rejected from 22 jobs.

Ali Felman moved to Brooklyn, New York three years later than everyone else and started work at the Trevor Project as a training coordinator. She would like to be eating more bagels, so please say hi if you’re in the area to help her do that!

Rachel Waugh launched the Museum of Food and Culture based in Denver, Colorado. The museum’s mission is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and excitement for food, history, and culture. She is currently working on food and social justice (virtual) programming.

Anna Lu is remotely finishing up her last credit for the master’s in health science degree from Clark University. Her graduate research has been on cultural medical anthropology, as she worked within the urban Worcester community. She’s been able to follow her passion, working part-time at UMass Medical School while developing policies for the growing cannabis culture in Massachusetts. She’s awaiting her candidacy with Clark’s psychology PhD program to continue her work and research in providing more mental and behavioral health help and opportunities for the growing Asian and Asian American populations in urban settings. She wishes everyone well!

Nisha Grewal started her PhD in astrophysics at the University of Edinburgh in September, and she is very excited to study dark matter and the evolution of the universe. If you are traveling to Edinburgh in the next few years, she is happy to show you around! Feel free to email her at 

Leneil Roderique officially became an ADCOLOR FUTURE, a program dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders in the advertising, marketing, and tech industries, after being rejected the year before. He was also promoted at work, from a creative to senior creative at VICE Media Group. This is all to say, he doesn’t sleep and will probably crash soon.

Cam Arkin somehow made it into medical school and is now attending the University of Utah School of Medicine. 

Jackson DuMont can in fact say that winter is indeed colder in Russia.

Alexandra “Zandy” Stovicek is in her third year and final semester at Yale School of Nursing. She has become a midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner after falling in love with patient care through the Wesleyan Doula Project! With any luck she will be beginning “Integration” in January, a full-time residency of sorts (location still unknown due to COVID-19) before graduating the program. One day at a time!

Erica Arensman just started law school at University of Michigan which is ‘incredible and exciting!’”—Nate Warner (I didn’t think she would submit a note about herself)

Hilary Brumberg is still living in the Costa Rican rainforest as a Princeton in Latin America Fellow. She manages community-based conservation initiatives at a grassroots nonprofit, including creating a collaboration with NASA DEVELOP to assess the impact of policy on land management. Hilary hosts undergraduate interns from Wesleyan every summer through the College of the Environment to expose students to careers in conservation. She is grateful to use the skills she learned in her double-major in earth and environmental sciences and Hispanic literatures and cultures every day.

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