CLASS OF 2013 | 2020 | ISSUE 2

Anna Swartz and her wife, Netta, are quarantined with Anna’s parents in Massachusetts. They’re lucky enough to still have their jobs and be able to do them remotely. She hopes all her fellow Wes alumni, as well as faculty and campus staff, are similarly safe and well and able to stay home. She reminds everyone to tip their delivery people!

James “Jim” Curley and Maryalice Gill were married in Boston on Aug. 17, 2019. Many of his Wesleyan teammates and classmates were in attendance: Andrew McKeon, John Guay, Carmen Boscia, Matt Hadge, Derek Lukin, Nick Ferris, and Glenn Stowell. He said it was great to see everyone. Jim and Maryalice honeymooned in Italy, Croatia, and Greece. Being Game of Thrones superfans, they were able to visit the filming locations while in Croatia. Jim also completed his MBA at Boston University in May.

James Gardner made the transition from German corporate to the U.S. public sector in 2018, where he works for the Department of Veteran Affairs. His role is to oversee the VA hospital—the inpatient wards, emergency room, outpatient care, patient administration, and emergency management—outside of business hours. He finds himself surrounded by health care civilian and veteran employees who really care so much about the veterans coming through their doors. Especially with regard to the current pandemic, this dedication is terribly necessary.

Max Ward recently moved from Chicago back to his hometown of Portsmouth, N.H., where he’s now doing promotional videos for Gutermann, Inc.—a company specializing in selling leak detection equipment to water utilities. In his free time, he’s posting art on Instagram and helping write and illustrate a comic book that’s funded through Patreon. In his other free time, Max enjoys playing with his parents’ dog, Nash. He is a good boy!

Ben Smith is a video editor at Evidence Video, which produces documentaries to help attorneys build damages for clients whose lives have been catastrophically changed. Good stuff. He also continues to write, produce, and direct sketch comedy and short films. His film, Bump in the Night, will be hitting festivals around the country this fall.

Elisa Waugh has had a whirlwind year! A long cross-country drive with her boyfriend and dog rooted them back in her home state. They then decided to plan and throw a tiny wedding in a beautiful inn. Now there is a baby on the way and a house in the works! As the school year finishes, Elisa is looking forward to enjoying the bounty of Colorado and redirecting the energy usually used for her lively middle school students to a ferociously large garden.

In the fall, Evan Okun will attend the Yale School of Management in pursuit of his MBA. He hopes to expand his capacity to help nonprofits and social enterprises do courageous work. Evan also hosts weekly Zoom calls for anyone wanting to freestyle rap. Reach out!

As for me, I’m still in the Bay Area, working remotely for Apple. During shelter in place, I’ve picked up puzzling and also enjoy playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Sam Jacobson. I hope that all my classmates, their loved ones, and other readers stay safe and sane during this time.

Laura Yim |