CLASS OF 1958 | 2020 | ISSUE 2

Marilyn and John Watson recently moved to Davis, Calif. Their daughter teaches in the vet school at UC Davis. John tried his hand at golf after a 65-year hiatus and wound up with severe golf elbow. He has subsequently taken up darts.

Bart Bolton has moved to a condo in the next town. So, the virus boredom did not hit as they went about deciding what to move and what to discard. Bart laments missing his annual winter visit to Sarasota. And his new home is very close to a challenging golf course.

A long note from Neil Springborn tells of a bad knee and good golf. And he damaged his left arm, possibly rotator cuff. Like many of us old guys, he has prostate problems and will live with them. His joyful news described the purchase of a Honda CR-V.

David Epstein and wife Sheila are in Southern California and have been married for 63 years. They have three kids, one a Wesleyan grad. David is considered somewhat of an expert in Early West Coast Jewish History, and he works with the Jewish history department of UCLA. He yearns for one more trip to Middletown.

Younghee and Art Geltzer recently had quite an adventure. They left for Argentina on Feb. 28 before the extent of the infection was known. Their return flight from Buenos Aires was canceled, and the Argentine border was closed. Finally, they flew to Dubai through Rio and a day later, a flight to Boston. Then two weeks of strict quarantine.

Bill Richards is alive and well in muggy Miami, looking forward to Penn’s Woods for the summer.

Pirkko and Burr Edwards are riding out the pandemic in Southwest France. Their confinement has been fairly strict, and they look forward to May 11 and unlimited access to the wine merchant.

Dick Goldman is still in his winter quarters in Key Biscayne, Fla. They have opened up golf and tennis, and he and Patti will return to Massachusetts on May 27.

David Hild and wife Alyce are sequestered at Seabury (a continuing care retirement community) and are well-cared for. They will miss planned trips to Vienna and Newport, R.I. They wish their classmates well.

I have spoken to Dan Woodhead and received his email. We exchanged reading lists, and Dan is really focused on western history. His current book is a biography of Wild Bill Hickok. He would enjoy email corresponding with any Wesleyan brethren who share his interests.

Nancy and Bill Purinton left their beloved riverbank property in South Eliot, Maine, and moved to a retirement village in Peterborough, N.H. They are both well, but, decided with their daughter’s prompting that the time had come to lessen the burdens of property maintenance and be waited upon for a change.

John Corkran was in the hospital for four days with internal bleeding. Seems okay; tests will continue. John is completing his third term on the board of the local affiliate of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. While confined, he watched Netflix’s The Last Dance. I also did and learned a lot about Jordan, Rodman, and Pippen.

Andrea and Gary Iseminger are self-quarantining in their condo in Northfield, about eight blocks from the Carleton campus and 12 blocks from the house they built and lived in for more than 40 years. They gave the home to daughter Ellen, who is a nurse and cares for them and brings groceries.

Roger Turkington has gotten Google to configure a website for his writings, books, and awards at “Poetry by Turkington.” Roger sends his best wishes to his classmates.

Tony Codding waxes philosophical in his note. He reviews our history from the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars, and then Iraq and Afghanistan. And in our golden years, we are in a 100-year pandemic. What a ride!

Bill Barnes comments about how strange it is to be going to church online. Bill is a retired clergy person, and so is Bill Krenz. Bill Barnes reports that Bill and Rosemary Krenz moved to Annville, Pa., within the past few years. The Krenz family no longer spends time in Mexico. And Bill Krenz told of a visit from Dick Seabury, who was on his way to make a gift to the Hershey Automobile Museum. Dick reported that he and his family are doing well.

Rick Pank is enjoying the glories of spring and getting to books half-read.

Susan and Peter Ralston were vacationing in Mexico nine weeks ago. They flew to San Francisco, and they have been ensconced in a lovely rented house in Berkeley overlooking the Bay and about five minutes from each of their children. Every day they have a visit from a child or grandchild and are well supplied with groceries. Peter needs increasing amounts of care for his dementia. Susan would appreciate an email or call to brighten Peter’s day. Her email: Her phone: 917-853-1645. They will be there for the foreseeable future.

Kay and I are riding out the pandemic. I still play golf, and my bridge is online. Basically, bored but safe. Ted Wieseman was to visit in April but obviously postponed his flight.

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