CLASS OF 1955 | 2020 | ISSUE 2

Always a delight to receive a note or two from fellow Sigma Chi brothers! It looks like they will do their part to keep me from rambling on about the traditional birthday ride celebrating my 87th with riding buddies from our local club. And yes, we did ride 87, but to be explicit, because of the coronavirus we did choose to mark the distance in kilometers instead of miles! Oh well, not too bad for a bunch of senior citizens. By the way, I’d certainly enjoy receiving a note or two from classmates in addition to fraternity brothers!

From Ric Fisher and for the record, a notice that he was the youngest resident on his street in Lund, Sweden, when he moved there in 1980 and now, he’s the oldest. He says he’s in the high-risk zone: 86, he’s survived an aorta dissection (2016), and still wonders what the next handicap will be! He gives thanks to his wife, Ula, and to Vera, his dachshund, for keeping him active and surviving!

Upon our graduation, I drove from my home in New Haven to St. Louis to pick up Tom Nall to begin a driving trip throughout the states. The original destination was Seattle to meet with one of our Sigma Chi brothers. Tom recalled the many wonderful memories from St. Louis to the end at the Grand Canyon, including picking apricots in Yakima Valley, a bear invading our tent at Mt. Hood, and bathing in mountain streams as well as the beauties all the national parks offered as we toured them. One item that stood out was being laughed at for wearing short pants as no one in the West wore them at the time! Tom has survived a concussion from a fall in 2019 and several illnesses, which resulted in the decision to move into an independent-living apartment in an assisted living facility across the state line in South Fulton, Tenn. He mentioned that it was quite a change from his former house situated on two acres, but he’s settled in and doing quite well.

Marianne and I are well and, like almost everyone else living during these pandemic days, are looking for the chance to resume our former habits. Can’t come too soon.

As always, sincere good wishes to you and your loved ones in the days ahead.

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