CLASS OF 1962 | 2020 | ISSUE 1

One of the highlights of 2019 for Robin Berrington was a long trip to Lithuania and the Baltic Republics, and then to St. Petersburg, Russia, “the Venice of the North.” He noted that the St. Petersburg “over-the-top Baroque decor was a bit too much for this confirmed old Japan-hand,” but he praised the “culinary tourism” and “lively vibe” of the Baltic cities. Back in Washington, he praised the opening of a new museum in the Maryland suburbs—Glenstone— with its collection of international contemporary art. He is still active with the Freer and Sackler art galleries.

Steve Trott commented on the Highwaymen turning 80. Although, he said, “sadly, we are down to two: Steve Butts (he’s Steve 1, who resides in NYC) and Steve Trott (he’s Steve, too) in Boise, Idaho, the hottest place on the map.” He offers an interesting music industry tidbit: “We are still collecting handsome royalties from our best friend, ‘Michael’. Who knew he would have such legs as well as oars!” He writes, “Trott is still sitting on the bench of the Ninth Circuit; Butts is happily retired back in the venue from which he started.”

Finally, a couple of sad notes. Charlie Murkofsky was saddened by recent deaths of classmates Phil Utley in September and Andy Ganz in October. He writes, “It so happens that I saw each of them shortly before their passing.” Bob Saliba said, “I was so saddened to read of Carl Crossman’s death in Wellington, Fla., last November.” You can find obituary notices for them here.

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