CLASS OF 1957 | 2020 | ISSUE 1

Jim Brown ushered in 2020 with a family cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. Three oldest granddaughters, ages 22-25, granddad comments, “all cute and creating devastation among bachelors and partying ’til 5 a.m.” The Brown dinner table was a lively experience with 14 in attendance.

Last summer, Ed Mehlman had a health scare, waking up with intense pain that led to an ER visit and an immediate operation to repair a perforated intestine. It was successful and he was home within four days. The ordeal was not over, as he suffered a stroke shortly thereafter that affected his speech. Could not talk at all—a “full stroke.” With speech therapy, he got back to normal. Subsequent happy news included weddings for his middle son and his eldest grandson. Ed was pleased to host relevant dinners, all events taking place in New England.

Hank Fulton took to the road last summer, keeping up with classmates. There was a lunch in Easton, Pa., with Rod Henry, whom he’d not seen in 60 years! Then visiting Penny and John Parkin in nearby Michigan. This attests to the enduring friendships we made at Wes. Hank has been slowed down some with an AFib and the acquisition of a pacemaker early this year.

Bob Gorin’s daughter, Bethel Gorin Gottlieb ’90, attended Wes’s admissions weekend with daughter Alexandra who is a junior at The Brearley School in NYC.

Heard from Bill Fullarton recalling a meeting some years back with the president of Ohio Wesleyan about a real estate project. Upon exchanging greetings, they realized there was a Wes connection. It was Tom Wenzlau, who was an economics instructor in the late 1950s. I too remember Tom, having taken his Labor Eco course. Catching up on family, Bill writes that three daughters with his first wife, Ann, are all married, all with three children of their own. Grandchildren are in a host of colleges, e.g., University of Washington, VA Tech, and George Mason. Bill has been married to his present wife, Jane, for 20 years. He remains active via service on real estate boards, plays golf in season, and he does the gym four times weekly. He’s also learning Spanish with a group meeting every week.

Jeff Williamson writes from Great Cruise Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands. That’s his mid-winter residence from which he then heads back to Madison, Wis., where family resides. He reports that it has been 11 years since retirement from Harvard. Health remains strong.

Dividing time between home in Washington State and traveling in Mexico, you can find Bob Anderson with a host of activities, including art, immigration and environmental issues, and even an occasional sermon when his current pastor is away. His art output is heavily influenced by Mexican culture, including some from prehistoric times.

The WilmotsGordy and Marilyn—celebrated their 30th anniversary with a river cruise on a paddle wheeler from Tennessee all the way down to N’Orlins. One of their granddaughters graduated from URI with a degree in wildlife management and is in Florida doing dolphin research. She lives with the Wilmots in Palmetto and has a convenient commute to work.

Sadly, we have lost three classmates. Jim Brecht in Elizabethtown, Pa., in October. He is survived by wife Patti. Ted Voss and Owen Garfield in November; Ted in Newton, Mass., where he is survived by sister Sophia, and Owen in Yarmouth, Maine, where he leaves wife Deborah. Condolences to the families on behalf of our class.

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