CLASS OF 1954 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

Greetings, Classmates of 1954. Thanks for responses from four stalwarts, as follows:

Dave Hodgin is still going to his office every day and says he remains quite healthy. Dave traveled a bit early this past summer, to Estonia and Latvia, then spent 10 days in Hawaii. Still productive and happy, but with one huge “bummer”: missing his wife of 61 years, who died five years ago.

Len Stolba says he remains healthy and happy sitting on their 1.6 acres and managing his biennial barn sale of past art. Len sends cheers to all.

Bud Johnson writes that travel and grandchildren capture his and Lynn’s key attention these days. Two grandsons did internships in Beijing while college sophomores. Bud and bride did visit them once, but vetoed another 15-hour flight! Instead they recently spent Labor Day week cruising the U.K., the Netherlands, and Iceland—where coincidence put them in a thermal power plant with China’s inquisitive ambassador to Iceland! Go, Bud!

Marty Feins writes with sad news: his wife of nearly 65 years, Michelle, passed away this summer after a long illness—thus preventing Marty from attending our 65th Reunion. Marty is now in the process of moving into a condominium in Naples, Fla., and would welcome contacts from his ’54 classmates. Marty’s e-mail is Finally, sad to relate that two more of us have departed: Win Richmond on April 19 and Eric Cone on July 24.

Your humble scribe, Bob Carey, and bride Libby, had a very nice summer, highlighted by a great trip to San Diego to visit Bob’s daughter, Ann, and family, and to go whale watching in the Pacific. In October, we traveled to London to see Libby’s son, Jack, and to attend a memorial service for our daughter-in-law, Julienne, who, sadly, passed away last spring at 53. In November we journey via train to Vermont, to visit Bob’s daughter, Leah, and family. Otherwise, we’re busy with our volunteer activities (for Bob, that’s driving for Call-A-Ride and for Meals-On-Wheels.). Happy Holidays to all.

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