CLASS OF 1995 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

Hello again, fellow ’95ers! Bo writing this time. Next year is our 25th Reunion, so we’ll expect a lot more notes in the run-up to that milestone! Brief set this issue, so let’s get to it.

My old music-mate Giles Miller writes, “I don’t think I have ever submitted, but I always enjoy reading class notes. Here goes: Living in Los Angeles with my partner and two kids, ages 4 and 8, running a private investigations firm called Lynx Insights that I sort of inherited from Ed Morris ’94, working as a founding member of the nonprofit arts space Human Resources Los Angeles, and still playing the saxophone with friends around town.”

Amy Hundley and her partner, Kristabelle, adopted a baby! His name is Royal Harrison Keo Munson, born July 5, 2018. So far he enjoys apple sauce, attempting to stand, and the music of the Pet Shop Boys and Henry Mancini, especially “Baby Elephant Walk.”

Some news from Joshua Emmott: “I am in my 15th year as a history teacher and house head of a boys’ dormitory at Milton Academy just south of Boston. I have been incorporating travel to Jordan as part of my Middle East history courses, which has been a lot of fun. My two daughters are finishing sixth and second grade, and my wife travels a lot to Africa for public health work. About six years ago we finished restoring a small cottage on an island in Narragansett Bay, R.I., and now spend the summers gardening and fishing. My newest completed project was to restore an MGB, which I now aimlessly drive around on sunny days.”

Anne Bellows Lee is in Santa Monica with two daughters (6 and 8) and one husband and some cats, working at UCLA. She says she’s hoping to come to the next Reunion. Make it happen, Anne!

From Randy Lesnak: “I’ve been living in Mexico City for 10 years now, and yet my Spanish language skills remain shockingly low because I’ve been teaching English to businesspeople for almost eight years. But good news! My daughter Annika will be starting first grade, so there’s a good chance I’ll be learning something from her homework. My wife is an editor with Bloomberg here. In fact, will try to pepper the president with questions when he visits. We did enjoy time with Elena Pavloff ’96 last year during her visit, a culinary tour. She ate better than I do here!”

Andrew Hindman has worked in biopharma since graduating, and has accepted the position as CFO at Theravance Biopharma in San Francisco. This marks an exciting new chapter in his 20-plus year career in making medicines that make a difference! Personally, he’s been happily married (and legally married!) since 8/8/08 to Damien Wood, who runs their hospitality venture, Blue Door Group, in Mendocino, Calif. Together, they are raising an 11-year-old Yorkie Oscar who is the center of their family universe!

Finally, I heard from my long-lost pal, Masha Raskolnikov: “I am kept busy these days by my two 7-year-old daughters, who are absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had. I’m raising them with my ex, and while I wish I didn’t have to be a cliched divorcée, having them all to myself a lot of the time is really fun. I’m still teaching English literature and gender and theory and stuff at Cornell, and making a life in Ithaca, N.Y., with occasional visits to NYC.”

Thanks, y’all! Hope to see you all next May.

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