CLASS OF 1972 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

Those missives reminding you about our upcoming 50th Reunion bore some fruit, as Andy Feinstein got a note from his freshman year roommate, David Hamilton, whom none of us had seen since graduation. David has had a long career as a social worker and health care administrator in England, and he offered to pay Andy a visit during an upcoming visit to the States. So, Andy set up a lunch at his gorgeous home in Stonington, arranged for the first sunny day of the spring, and invited a number of his classmates. Besides David and his wife, Cindy; Andy and his wife, Liz; Elisa ’76 and me; present were Paul Vidich and his wife, Linda; and Mike Kaloyanides and his wife, Sheila. A truly lovely time, although all of us realized that we weren’t actually all that close at Wesleyan. But we all have so much in common now, and it was great being together.

I, in my role of class rememberer, did recall how David had a date come down from Wheaton in February of 1969, and she then got stranded at Wes by the enormous blizzard of ’69. Sure enough, that’s the same Cindy, and they will celebrate their 50th anniversary next spring. Now that is true love!

As for the other attendees, Paul is now a fully fledged man of letters, with two spy novels published (read them!) and another in the works. Mike is retired as professor of music at the University of New Haven. Andy is still actively practicing education law—the defender of special needs students and their families and the bane of school districts throughout the Northeast.

Elisa and I have been enjoying the proximity of our still-new location to Wesleyan and other Connecticut friends. We have enjoyed a few events on campus, and I have made a couple of New Haven pizza runs with Dr. Kaloyanides—one on the post-Super Bowl visit of Michael Carlson, the other after a visit to the Yale Gallery with our wives.

Steve Alpert has created a nonprofit educational site dedicated to Indonesian art and culture: The artwork is drawn from 40 museums with the idea of creating an interactive platform between scholars, academics, collectors, and stakeholders of the finest pieces in the public domain. There is also an active news blog with content being added constantly. Something, Steve says, to keep one going into old age. Steve, of course, owes the inception of this adventure to his Wesleyan experience. He enjoyed being at Wesleyan for the visit of the Sultan of Jogjakarta.

Finally, I have to report the sad news of the passing of Kevin Kulick in February, after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. Kevin was a dermatologist in Buffalo, and is remembered by many as one of the nicest people in our class. Mike Busman and Dennis Kesden visited with him in Arizona before his passing. They reported that despite his illness he retained his sense of humor and positive presence. Neil Clendeninn ’71, secretary of the class of 1971, knew Kevin well, and will have more to say in his class notes.

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