CLASS OF 2002 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

Happy spring! On the baby front: Lauren Bierman and Tom Slattery welcomed their second son, Tate, on Aug. 13. Lauren is vice president for Global Strategy Group, a public affairs, communications, and research firm. She previously served as campaign manager for newly elected Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Hakeem Jeffries.

Rachel Gooze and her partner, Scott Kaplan, welcomed a baby, Felix, on Dec. 25, to join big sister Talia, 3. They are moving up north to be near family in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Another highlight of 2018, Rachel’s gathering of Wesleyan friends: May Wheelwright, Radhika Singh, Edna Togba, and Sheenru Yong.

Julia Clark-Spohn and her husband, Kevin Byrd, in Columbia, S.C., welcomed a little boy, Caleb Wren Byrd, into the world in November. Julia says, “He is an amazing little person and lights up our world.”

Alissa Kronovet welcomed a new addition to her family. She lives in Oakland, Calif., with her husband, Juan, 2-year-old Natalia, and newborn Julieta. They are all healthy, happy, and a little bit exhausted.

Eric Kushins and his wife, Doreen Lee, welcomed their second son, Reed, in August. Their older son, Ellis, is 3. They live in Atlanta. Eric is an assistant professor of management at Berry College in Rome, Ga., teaching undergraduate courses in HRM, social entrepreneurship, and family business management, and executive education courses in Lean Six Sigma.

Congrats to Radley Kanaszyc and Maia Ruiz who were married in 2018. Radley will hit his five-year anniversary this June at Guggenheim Partners.

On the job front: Alex Horwitz directed a feature documentary, Autonomy, about self-driving cars, executive produced by and featuring Malcolm Gladwell. The movie’s premiere is set for SXSW, hopefully with a sale and wide distribution to follow.

Since 2016, Ben Allen has worked as a microfinance researcher at Catholic Relief Services in Baltimore, a job that has taken him to a few far-flung locations, including rural Mauritania, Uganda, and Guatemala. In October, he published a global state-of-practice study on the inclusion of the most vulnerable populations—such as those who are ultra-poor, have disabilities, or are living with or affected by HIV—in savings groups. Ben and his wife, Megan, are expecting their first child in June.

Varuna Bhattacharyya moved to King and Spalding, LLP, as counsel in the corporate, finance, and investments group, specializing in commercial real estate finance.

Carly Einstein and Andy Reger are raising two daughters in Denver (Lillian, 4, and Emerson, 3). Carly is director of alumni engagement team for the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver.

Allison Kennedy lives in her home state of New Mexico and works for Meow Wolf, where she is inspired by creatives who are building immersive art environments. She is happily engaged to a fellow landscape architect.

Stephen Scribner and his wife, Stacy, moved to Denver in October. He joined a friend—Morgan Law, husband of Kathleen Jones ’03—to help him build the architecture practice he started a few years ago. Stephen is Passive House-certified and excited to be carrying the torch in Colorado for ultra-low energy construction. He and his wife also have a 3.5-year-old. Steven said, “We’re all enjoying the sunshine and mountains. It’s been great hanging out with Kathleen again—she now has an almost 1-year-old and a 2.5-year-old, both boys.”

Stephen moved from Boston, where he enjoyed being close to Conor Gately and Tricie Gately ’04, as well as Dina Levi and her wife and two little girls, who are living the dream in Northampton. Dina is director of diversity for Amherst University and Conor is a researcher at BU and Harvard in atmospheric pollution. They also overlapped with Katherine Gajewski, her husband, and 2-year-old boy in Cambridge, while she was at Harvard’s Kennedy School; they’ve since seen her in Denver while on their long winding route to move to Chicago, where she and her family are now.

Stephen flew up to Boise, Idaho, to help Austin Zinsser install a kitchen. Austin and his wife, Lauren, are racing to finish renovating their very cute bungalow before having their first baby in February. Austin is a hard rock geologist, working for a gold mining company between backpacking, skiing, and renovating his house.

Carlos Rojas moved to Jersey City from Manhattan. Carlos said, “I’m loving my new, and much larger, living/work space.” Carlos is a documentary film editor and most recently edited the Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, which premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Benjamin Goldstein was promoted to associate professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at Duke University. He enjoys living in the south with his wife, Cheng, and two sons, Malcolm, 4, and Noah, 1.

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