CLASS OF 1971 | 2018 | ISSUE 3

Aloha, classmates. Planning efforts are underway for our 50th Reunion in 2021. Volunteers are needed to work on outreach and planning efforts. Please contact Kate Quigley Lynch ’82, P’17, ’19 ( if you’d like to be involved. The committee is looking for more members to help with planning. We are hoping to get many of our classmates who haven’t attended Reunions to participate in the preparation and attend this critical year event. It would be great to see a majority of the class come out and get reacquainted again. Please volunteer or, at a minimum, keep the dates in mind in 2021. (Seems far away but will be here before you know it.)

Larry A. Jones wants to say hello to the Wesleyan community. Larry and his wife, Audrey (Wellesley ’72) celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary with friends, including Lila Cruz Jacobs ’76 and Evans Jacobs ’73 on Martha’s Vineyard in August. As empty-nesters, Audrey and Larry penned their family memoir about raising their three ADHD gifted sons. Learn more about their book on their website, The memoir, which demystifies ADHD in childhood and beyond, is a blend of love, humor and real-life irony. Falling Through the Ceiling, shedds light on the challenges of living and prospering with attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Bud Coote writes, “I recently retired from the CIA after 44 years, where I worked on the Vietnam War after protesting it on campus. My focus shifted to the Middle East and former Soviet Union after Saigon fell. I currently work on the Atlantic Council, a Washington, D.C., think tank. I had dinner with fellow Wes oarsman, Mike Ronan, earlier this year and met up with John Reynolds, Rob Dewees, and Moe Benson for a mini-reunion in May.”

Saw Todd Jick at a Wesleyan event in NYC. His daughter, Adina, got married this summer and wanted a kickass hora and we should know that “TJ the DJ” delivered. Also saw Jake Weiss at same event. The event at the High Line in NYC included Dave Jones ’70, John Griffin ’70, Joel Bernstein ’70, Diana Diamond ’70, and John Alschuler ’70.

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