CLASS OF 1975 | 2018 | ISSUE 2

Dave Rosenthal is senior director of news and public affairs for WNED/WBFO, the public television and radio stations based in Buffalo, working on projects around racial equity, mental health, and refugees. He gets together with Steve McCarthy, Paul Margolin, J.D. Moore, and Joe O’Rourke for a weekend every year.

Rachel Hayes stepped down as vice president of public engagement at Oxfam America and is now working part-time. She will consult for a business development firm in Boston. She is enjoying early retirement with travel in the future. Her son, Spencer, is doing well at Marist.

Brian Steinbach writes with sad news, “On Feb. 3 I found my 29-year-old son, Stephen, dead of an accidental overdose of heroin that was laced with fentanyl. And while too much attention is directed to illegal immigration and allegedly unfair trade, the real threat is the flow of fentanyl and other harmful drugs from Mexico and China. It is some consolation that Mary and I are not alone in this experience—it seems everyone knows someone else that this scourge has affected, or it has directly affected them.”

After 28 years, Jeffrey Cellars retired as a diplomat and moved to Vermont with his wife, Bethanne. He wrote, “While I consider options for occupying my time including consulting for the State Department, I am perfecting my role as grandpa to our granddaughter.”

Paul Gionfriddo wrote, “My 32-year-old daughter, Larissa, died from metastatic breast cancer. For two years, she was a cancer thriver, serving as a spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The Megyn Kelly Today show, which featured her as a guest in a segment in October, did a beautiful tribute to her after she died.” Paul is president and CEO of Mental Health America. His wife, Pam, retired and they will be moving their “permanent” home back to Middletown this fall.

Nancy Goguen Lippincott works at The Meadowbrook School in Weston as the development coordinator. She would love to hear from other Boston-area alumni.

Paul Bennett is enjoying retirement and is involved with many nonprofits. He’s helping to found a new Cristo Rey High School in Oakland, Calif., and working one day a week at the St. Vincent de Paul homeless center.

Richard Hume, professor at the University of Michigan, and his wife, Laura, who recently retired, are Scottish country dancers and traveled to Scotland to dance. They celebrated their 43rd anniversary in New York with daughter Rebecca ’01. They have sons who live in Brooklyn and Detroit, and a son and two grandchildren who live in Chicago.

John McNeill retired after 36 years as a United Methodist pastor. He and wife Martha will move to Fairport, N.Y., on the Erie Canal near Rochester. He stays in touch with Natalie Hanson ’76, who retired from pastoral ministry last year.

David Bickford produced New York writer Gina Femia’s For the Love Of (Or, the Roller Derby Play) at Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood. Susan Gans, Steve Miller, Martha Meade ’76, Juliet Green ’76, and Alexis DeLaRosa ’96 attended the premiere.

Bill Devereaux wrote, “Sam Miller passed away in May after a valiant struggle with cancer. He had actually survived a fight with this awful disease about 10 years ago but had a recurrence. He was a great and interesting guy who could relate to just about anyone and everyone. He had a successful career in the theater world and was known by his friends as a great husband and father. The world was a better place with him in it.”

Bill attended the wedding of Dr. George Powers ’74. Jim Daley, Pat McQuillan, Alan Poon ’76, Dave Campbell, Peter McArdle ’76, and Pete Guenther ’77 were all living large in Bill Belichick’s box at Gillette as they watched Wesleyan Lax win our alma mater’s first national title.

Karen ’77 and Donald Cruickshanks welcomed grandson George Fredric Jones Cruickshanks on April 4.

Don Gold is an A camera operator on the Netflix show Grace and Frankie. He and wife Nancy get together with Chris Vane and Dave Babcock and their families.

Karin Johnson has been teaching at Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School in Toyko since 1983. Sadly, her husband, Yushi Nomura, a teacher and artist, passed away from colon cancer. Her daughter, Yuka Kristi, 23, is working on a master’s at International Christian University in Tokyo.

Cathy Gorlin was sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court bar. One of the highlights was getting to ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg a question in a small group.

Cathy recently got together with her dear friend, Christine McCoy McNeil.

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