CLASS OF 1992 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Welcome to the latest edition of class notes. We are always happy to hear from you!

First, big news about lots of life changes for my old housemate Simon Fulford. Simon is living in Portland, Ore., with his wife Clare and two of his three sons, Max, 10, and Alec, 6. His eldest son, Kieran, 15, is in the U.K. In September Simon joined the Oregon Youth Authority, the state’s juvenile justice agency, in a program and policy adviser role that covers organizational and leadership development along with the thorny issues of equity and employee engagement. Simon was appointed to the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon’s Coordinating Committee.

Another former housemate of mine, Darcy Dennett, was in the Sahara where she was filming a piece on meteorite hunters for National Geographic Explorer. She is next moving to a segment on the Future of Farming in the Netherlands.

In November, my family visited Ann Arbor and stayed with Alison Miller and her husband, Scott Roberts (my wife and I met through them in grad school over 20 years ago). They are both professors at our alma mater, the University of Michigan, and it was great to catch up with them and daughter Ella (just started high school) and son Wes (now in fourth grade and a basketball fanatic like his father).

Chadwick Canedy and his wife, Bona, welcomed their second son, Easton Haechan Canedy, on May 4, 2017. He was born in D.C., much to the enjoyment of his very jealous 2-year-old brother, Declan.

Andrew Draper remains in Prospect Heights and is working in Midtown East. In 2017, his son started middle school in Vermont and his daughter started high school near Albany, so between keeping up with them and with his parents on Cape Cod, he expects to be up and down the whole Northeast throughout 2018 and is on the lookout for Wesleyan meetups.

After 19 years in London, Claire (Weldin) McConnell moved back home to Seattle in August with her husband, Craig. She was sad to leave the job she loved at Arup but is working at McMillen Jacobs Associates doing almost exactly the same thing: managing the design for train stations. She finds Seattle’s light rail “dainty and petite” in comparison with London’s Crossrail, but is happy to be back stateside.

Also in Seattle, Liz Broussard is working at Pacific Medical Center in gastroenterology and specializes in fecal microbiota transplants (transferring poop from healthy donors into diseased colons of sick people) for clostridium difficile infection, and train fellows and medical residents from the University of Washington. Her husband, Kevin Hakimi, is a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at the Seattle VA and they have twin daughters, Vivian and Chloe. They are 11, just got their junior black belts and are loving fifth grade. She sees Corey Casper for breakfast regularly and saw Scott Shapiro at a performance of Here Lies Love.

Johanna Stoberock lives in Walla Walla, writing and teaching at Whitman College. Her novel, Pigs, is forthcoming from Red Hen Press in 2019. Chris Chesak has a new job as managing director of Tracks & Trails, a tour operator offering self-drive RV tours in western national parks.

Kate Edwards is in the R&D department at Datacolor, where she makes instruments to measure the colors of paints and textiles. While she says it’s been fun learning about color science, she now takes longer to pick paint colors for her house in Pennington, N.J., where she lives with her husband, Nathan, and kids, Iris and Nicholas.

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