CLASS OF 2008 | 2017 | ISSUE 1

Many nuptials to report this issue! Graham Douds is still living and breathing in San Francisco. He is in his third year working as an attorney at a small litigation firm in the Bay Area. He recently married a wonderful woman over Labor Day weekend. At the ceremony and reception, they were surrounded by friends and family, including some Wes grads.

Katie Fabac writes, “A big year for me! I settled down with a sweet man and two dogs in Lawrence, Kan. We bought a three-bedroom house and got engaged. I work for the CMHC, and next year, am thinking about taking out a 403(b).”

In August, Sage Norman married Reinhardt Schuhmann ’06 in Reinhardt’s hometown of Brookhaven, N.Y. The couple met five ago on the Wesleyan campus at the class of 2006’s 5th Reunion. (Special shout-out to Sara Green who was with Sage in the Fountain Ave. backyard the moment the two met.) The wedding was brilliantly officiated by Jordyn Lexton and was attended by a quality crew of Wesleyan friends, with Rosina Belcourt, Stephanie Roer, and Matt Mulqueen ’06 included in the wedding party. Kinky Spigot & the Welders (band includes Yoni Rabino ’07, Marlon Bishop ’07, Jon Hutchinson ’07, and Lillian Ruiz) played the reception and kept everyone on the dance floor. Sage, Reinhardt, and their dog, Franklin, live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Twelve years and two months after meeting as frosh at the Eclectic Sex Party, Adam Tinkle and Jess Sullivan finally got around to tying the knot, at Old Sturbridge Village on Nov. 26, with their daughter Alice, as flower person, and son Milo as ring bearer. They were surrounded by Wesleyan friends, who made toasts and music that were central to the ecstatic celebration. When not planning weddings (i.e., from now on), they both teach at Skidmore College, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., a school which they are slowly trying to make more like Wes.

Lynn Favin is on her first national theater tour, playing Ophelia in Hamlet for the last four months all over America. She also has a recurring role on Baz Luhrmann’s,The Get Down, as a back-up singer (you can see her perform in the final number of episode one and the introductory credits of episode six). For reviews and other projects, visit

Grace Kessler Overbeke is working on her dissertation at Northwestern University’s Interdisciplinary PhD., in theater and drama. Phil Zegelbone got his M.D., and is now a resident at Johns Hopkins. Elissa Kozlov writes, “I made my triumphant return to NYC in August after six long years away spent getting a PhD. in clinical psychology. I am now working at Weill Cornell Medical College in the division of geriatrics and palliative care. I moved to Brooklyn with my husband and my dog, and we were graciously welcomed by a warm community of Wes alumni who made me feel like I never left. I am so grateful for my Wesleyan family in NYC.”

Marianna Foos founded the Boston chapter of R-Ladies in September, part of a world-wide organization to promote gender diversity in the R, statistical programming language, community. She is also almost done training to become an instructor for Data Carpentry, a non-profit that teaches computer skills to researchers.

Lyz Nardo notes, “Greetings from Harlem! As chief operating officer at Tipsy Scoop, an ice cream company, I have been keeping myself busy creating seasonal, liquor-infused flavors (like Frose All Day made with grapefruit, rose wine and elderflower liqueur) and improving operations for our growing business. We proudly ship hundreds of orders nationwide each week and, due to growing demand, hope to open a storefront in NYC soon! “

Finally, Amanda Krentzman started working at Netflix as a creative TV executive in international originals. She and her team are making shows all around the world in other countries and in other languages that live on Netflix in 190 countries at once. They find and get to help create TV series about people and their stories from all over the world.

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