CLASS OF 1988 | 2017 | ISSUE 1

Hillary writes for this issue.

Greetings, classmates. I had the good fortune of catching up with Bronwyn Poole in November when I traveled to Chicago on business. My other news is that I adopted a new pup at the end of the summer; he’s keeping me active and smiling.

Robert Wilder ’88 draws on his 25 years of teaching experience to paint a complex, funny, poignant picture of life in middle school in Nickel: A Novel (Leaf Storm Press).

Elline Lipkin writes that she is a research scholar with UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women, but taught at Scripps College this fall as a guest scholar. She also teaches poetry for Writing Workshops Los Angeles, and was appointed the poet laureate of Altadena, a community two miles north of Pasadena. She has enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth Saveri ’87, whom she met in the local Trader Joe’s, and would be glad to connect with other Wes alumni in the Pasadena area.

Jenifer McKim shares her Wes moments from last year: “Met Julie Hobert and Melissa Albert in January for a ski weekend. Reconnected with Sharon Greenberger at the Wes Sons and Daughters Weekend in November. And an unexpected honor: I’m teaching a six-week non-fiction writing class at Wes this winter.”

Steve Morison reports that he’s still in Rome teaching. He recently saw Paul Gosselin in Paris, and Steve Kullback ’89 in Rome last spring.

Amelia G ’88 is the editor of BLT 25: Black Leather Times Punk Humor and Social Critique from the Zine Revolution, a collection of every issue of the punk humor zine.

Tim McCallum shares the announcement of a new son, Logan. He and his family are living happily in Kihei, Hawaii, and while they miss people, they don’t miss the Mainland at all.

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