NICKOLAUS E. LEGGETT, a proponent of the low-power FM movement in the U.S., died Apr. 26, 2017. He was 72. A member of Kappa Alpha, he was an electronics technician, analyst, technical writer, and inventor who held multiple U.S. patents and may be best known as one of the original petitioners for microstation radio broadcasting, which grew into the low-power FM movement (LPFM). He also lobbied for reform to amateur radio antenna rules, as well as petitioning the FCC to look into very low-power localized radio signals, which could be helpful in case of emergencies when electric power is unavailable. He suggested that the agency use AM radio to enable inner-city neighborhoods to provide local neighborhood broadcasts. This would help minority groups organize and utilize the talents of local residents. His wife, Judith Fielder Leggett, survives.