CLASS OF 2013 | 2016 | ISSUE 2

Julian Azaret writes from Melbourne, Australia, where he works for cloud software company ServiceNow. He’s still racing bikes and just completed his second Australian race. On his way out to Australia, he did some winter mountaineering and ski mountaineering in the swiss alps and invites anyone who wants to climb a mountain anywhere in the world to get in touch—he’s always looking for partners!

Robert Vance is attending law school at the University of Berkeley, and working on LGBT legal advocacy at the Southern Poverty Law Center. A book that he wrote several chapters for, Exalted, was published earlier this year.

Zach Schonfeld is still living in Brooklyn and working at Newsweek. In April, he traveled to the EMP Pop Conference in Seattle to give a presentation on Neil Young. In May, he tried to interview Neil Young but Neil Young hung up on him after two questions. He misses Usdan brunch.

Tobah Aukland is getting married at the end of the summer to Adam Peck ’12 and beginning a PhD in art history at the CUNY Graduate Center immediately afterwards. It’ll be quite a busy season!

Ben Smith has written a few episodes of a sci-fi audio series that’s “basically Parks and Rec meets nuclear Armageddon.” He’s (still) looking for solid voice actors for those roles and also wants all the film grads to come to Chicago to make horror shorts with him.

Andrew Perlmutter has been working away, doing all things BKE.

As always, thank you for writing in and best wishes to everyone!

Laura Yim |