CLASS OF 1955 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

Hard to believe but this is the year of our 60th Reunion. With that in mind, what better time to follow the example of three of our classmates and send a word to your secretary letting us know what’s been happening and whether or not you may be planning on a return to campus to celebrate! I’m sure I speak for all when I say “thanks!”

I was pleased to receive a note from Jake Congleton just before the end of the year. Jake and Sally do spend winters in Bradenton, Fla., which should be a welcome relief from the weather in Maine, especially for a “bionic man” who boasts of “two new knees, one hip (twice) and both shoulders.” He reports that he believes the orthopedic guys back home “love me although the Medicare people aren’t too happy!” Jake has managed to attend four Wesleyan football games over the past three years when the team traveled to Maine to play Bates, Colby, and Bowdoin. He commented that he was impressed with the quality of both the players and the coaching. His grandson, Charlie ’07, son of Peter ’81, is currently at Wesleyan completing his master’s degree and coaching on the lacrosse staff.

John Sheaff related an interesting coincidence uncovered when he found that his recently deceased sister, Georgia, had been treated by our fellow classmate (and Sigma Chi brother) Tom Nall. Haven’t heard from Tom lately but trust he’s continuing to adjust to his Kentucky home and his health is good. John and Lois are planning to come this way at the end of March and if Jake is around, perhaps we can all find a way to get together.

Maine seems to be a popular place for this month’s respondents! Andy Holmes calls Boothbay Harbor home and he and Louise “live with a spectacular view of the chilly Atlantic.” Andy retired from 40 years of headmastering at a private school in 1982 but apparently couldn’t “kick back,” as he still works full time for a travel agency he has owned since 1965. He writes: “We have nine offices around the country and specialize in cruises of all types and to all places. The damnable part of selling cruises is that you have to go on them! I wouldn’t ask my customers to do something I don’t do myself! We did seven cruises last year and have nine planned for the current winter season. No Florida home for us but cruise ship life is even better. We have several Wesleyan alumni friends who belong to the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club, of which Louise and I are both past commodores, although none are ’55. If any of you happen to travel our way in the summer, the invitation stands open and a winter tour by water of the area is available on our 40’ classic lobster yacht.” Andy’s company is Worldwide Cruise Headquarters and is located at 121 Cape Newgate Road, Southport, ME 04576; 207/882-5525. (Note: I asked Andy for the company information and he responded that he didn’t “mean my response to be a commercial.”)

Marianne and I continue to enjoy the leisurely life in what Floridians call “Paradise.” We are well and remain active: Marianne playing golf and I pedaling. I did record a personal best last year by riding 6,147 miles, which is more than Marianne put on her car. Still enjoy the riding and the friendship that accompanies the action.

To all of you and your loved ones, may health and happiness be with you always.

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