CLASS OF 1943 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and I’m wondering what more the media can cook up against Bill Belichick ’75, Tom Brady and the New England football team—Go Patriots! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and were not adversely affected by the extreme weather experienced in various parts of the country, including New England. We’ve been fortunate here in Virginia—have yet to see our “Big Snow” of the year!

Dick Ferguson writes: “We’re glad that you had a great recovery. Can’t keep a good man down. Marge still seems not quite fully recovered. Some days it seems she is sleeping 23 hours a day. We were so glad to see your write-up. We are lucky to have the children and grandchildren able to drop in to see us on their way to visit their children or grandchildren. Wish that I’d see more of Wesleyan men.”

From Gene Loveland: “The news from the Deep South is: Where did the warm weather go? I’m fine and still doing my monthly column for the House Organ plus write-ups of our four putting tournaments that I manage. In the fall events, I won the Sadie Hawkins Tournament with the lady champion but lost the Hallmark Cup I’d won in the spring to a challenger. Lots of football and politics, plus I enjoy a new book every two months or so. Have a good year!”

I received a letter from Jack Ritchie, in which he states: “Keep up the good work; sorry to hear of your bout with cancer. I grasp for news. Mostly we seem to be aimed at making sure we have no news. I spoke with Muzz Molina last spring and we were planning to get together in some restaurant between Salisbury and New Milford, Conn., where he lives, when he returns from his summer in Vermont. And now he is dead. Who will be the last classmate left standing? News? We are glad that we are where we are. We live in a cottage at a senior continuing care place, Noble Horizons, now 35 years old. It is part of Church Homes, Inc., a senior community in Hartford. We pretty much take care of ourselves, but have the option for bring-in meals, falling back into more care at a nursing home and other. There are many outings, cocktail parties, concerts, etc., where we may choose. News? Come to beautiful and freezing Salisbury, Conn., for a week, starting February 6.”

Frederick P. Appleton
100 O’Brien Court, Suffolk, VA 23434