Class of 1947 | 2014 | Issue 1

Bill Smallwood has done it again!! And I thank him again and hope other classmates send in their thoughts and memories. Let’s share some ideas with each another. All e-mails and letters will be used. Let’s challenge Bill!!!

Ex-POW Picnic: Plymouth, Vermont

Each summer we gather at Plymouth State Park

midst clusters of birches in paper white bark

The distance some travel in crossing the state

feels shorter just knowing there’s much to relate.

The women chat freely on domestic things

of gardens and grandkids and what new life brings.

Then on rustic tables they generously spread

green salads and baked beans with juicy brown bread.

Old soldiers assembled still picture their foe

as memories swing over to days long ago

when duty demanded at terrible cost

the battle, then capture, with all freedom lost.

Abruptly our leader bids all of us know

how illness has laid two comrades down low

And further sad tidings list one comely wife

departed, while seeming so full of life.

The schedule we’ll follow includes a parade

to mark when our country’s freedom was made.

We’ll march in a body on Fourth of July

as National Guard fighters do their fly-by.

With eating now over some make for home base,

while those living closest help clean up the place.

Now, future campers, a word of advice

from well meaning oldsters who paid a full price:

The wisdom which aging can sometimes bestow

prompts veterans of combat to share what they know. 

Strong vigil for country’s a must at all times

to counter war’s outbreak and terrorist crimes.

—Bill Smallwood

Sandy Mclean
2270 Melville drive, san marino, ca 91108