Class of 1945 | 2014 | Issue 1

Since my previous column was written, my Longmont was flooded beyond imagination in September. Scientists designated the catastrophe “a 500-year phenomenon.” Whatever the label, the city was split in half as, after three days of downpours, the St. Vrain River and filler-creeks changed courses and flooded vast areas of Colorado’s northern plains. As I write on this early November day, the news is that the road to Lyons and Estes Park (not many miles west of Longmont) has opened. Hundreds of homes are ruined, millions of dollars worth of possessions destroyed, and several lives lost by drowning. Recovery began immediately and is inspiring. I am seeing human and humane behavior at their best.

In early October, the Latin School of Chicago celebrated its 125th anniversary and I was invited to participate as a Grand Marshal in the parade around Lincoln Park. Reunion dinners were held, cocktail parties were enjoyed, seminars were presented, and I was greeted and feted by many of my former students (now retired!) from my 1948–1957 tenure. Among them was Jack Dearinger ’57, who, with Bill Wallace ’57, Norm Wissing ’57, and Dave Noble ’56, had entered Wesleyan from the Latin School. The weekend was great fun, and I was honored to be remembered as a fine teacher who made a difference to some of his students.

Now winter is nigh: several ski resorts in the high country where the Rockies are already resplendent opened in late October. I have nothing more of note to include in this brief report, and so wish you all a heartfelt slán go fóill.

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